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The tuning of woodwind instruments has long been a challenge due to the many factors that affect the intonation, such as the build of the instrument, mouthpiece, barrel, and reed. Traditional tuning methods can be time-consuming, making it difficult to compare the intonation across different combinations of these factors. Tuningcharts provides an easy solution by allowing musicians to simply play a chromatic scale, and our app quickly analyzes and displays the pitch tendencies in just seconds.


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Who is it for?

Musicians: to test and compare. Are you on an instrument exhibition? Record your trials and you can analyze everything later.
Repair services: Check the pitch tendencies and make better decisions about what and how to repair.

Instrument / Accessories makers: Save a lot of time with AI. Test, compare and document your product development with ease.

Public library

With the fastest growing public library, we are able to
display statistical data of instruments and accessories.

Personal recommendations

"There are some looow notes on my clarinet." Maybe it's only the question of a new barrel. A specific one.
We can provide you with personal recommendations.

Compare instruments, barrels, mouthpieces etc. in just seconds!


With the fastest growing public library for musicians

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Fulfilling feature requests of companies and individuals

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What musicians


tuningcharts profile photo 1
Olek Tymek

"As a professional musician, I'm always looking for high-quality tools to help me stay in tune. This online tuner is exactly what I need. It's fast, accurate, and has a clean interface that's easy to use."

tuningcharts profile photo 3
Péter Rápli MA
Developer, Clarinetist

"Not only the instruments, accessories, reeds, etc. but also the way how we are testing them requires innovation."

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Bárbara Hilaria

"I've tried a few different online tuners in the past but this one is by far the best. It's super easy to use and the pitch detection is incredibly accurate. I use it to tune my bassoon and oboe. Highly recommend for musicians of all levels!"