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The tuning of woodwind instruments has long been a challenge due to the many factors that affect the intonation, such as the build of the instrument, mouthpiece, barrel, and reed.

🕑 Traditional tuning methods can be time-consuming, making it difficult to compare the intonation across different combinations of these factors.

✅ Tuningcharts provides the fastest and most precise solution by analyzing the pitch tendencies within seconds.


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Who benefits?

🎵 Musicians:

Measuring intonation tendencies takes less than a minute, instead of half an hour. Test your instrument and equipment with AI.

🔧 Repair Services:

Precision repair strategies with pinpointed pitch tendencies.

🏭 Instrument/Equipment Makers:

Accelerate product development with AI testing.

Explore our library!

Discover deep statistical insights on various instruments and equipment.

Personal suggestions

Struggling with low notes on your clarinet? Whether a new barrel or alternate fingering, get tailored recommendations for optimal results. Join Tuningcharts today!

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New feature:

12th mode for clarinet!

You are now able to analyze the twelfths of clarinet recordings.

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Compare instruments, barrels, mouthpieces within seconds!


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What musicians


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Olek Tymek

"As a professional musician, I'm always looking for high-quality tools to help me stay in tune. This online tuner is exactly what I need. It's fast, accurate, and has a clean interface that's easy to use."

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Péter Rápli MA
Developer, Clarinetist

"Not only the instruments, accessories, reeds, etc. but also the way how we are testing them requires innovation."

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Bárbara Hilaria

"I've tried a few different online tuners in the past but this one is by far the best. It's super easy to use and the pitch detection is incredibly accurate. I use it to tune my bassoon and oboe. Highly recommend for musicians of all levels!"

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