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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Basically anything you want. Be sure, that you are playing single notes instead of chords. Octave jumps may partly ruin the recognition. The best practice is to stick with the chromatic scale and don't play melodies, as otherwise, the intonation goes towards pure intervals, which makes a slight difference in the analysis.

    Please find a quite environment without a lot of reverbation. The maximum recording time is currently 3 minutes. The best thing is when you play the scale upwards with a single breath, then inhale and play it downwards once. The reason for this is that as the CO2 content increases in the exhaled air, the pitch gradually becomes lower. The first few seconds after inhaling will therefore always sound slightly higher, and this is also indicated on the graph. By playing upwards and downwards, this effect is balanced quite well.

    It happens time by time. Please, try to record again in slower speed and make sure that your recording is loud enough/not noisy. You can also contact us and we will provide a personalized solution!

    It means that the sound recognition was unsuccessful. If you are sure that your microphone works fine, the recording wasn't too quiet, noisy or too fast, please contact us!

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    By default no, but you can change this settings in your profile. The comments however are always private. 🤫

    Currently, the analysis is performed 20 times per second, which theoretically means that you could play sixteenth notes at a tempo of quarter = 300. Try to play so fast that you don't have the ability to intonate specific notes differently.